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Specialised Tapes

Products : Manufacturing of "ELISHA" Brand Adhesive Tapes like BOPP / GUM / Packaging / Masking / Tissue / Double Sided Foam/Strapping (Plain/Printed) / Stretch Film / Cling Film / Scratch Label Bubble Film / H.D.P.E ./ L.D.P.E ./ Tag Pins / Customized Bar Coding and Thermal Labels High Security Envelopes./Vacuum Forming and Packaging Accessories.

Metalized Tapes Masking Tapes
Checker Board Tapes Tunnel Tapes
Reflective Tapes Fiber Glass Siliconised Varnish Tapes
Electrical Tapes Strapping Tapes
Duct Tapes Gaffer Tapes
Artist Tapes Spike Tapes
Antislip Grip Tapes Double Sided Polyester Tapes
Heat Sealing Tapes Vinyl Tapes
Safety Tapes Cable Path Tape
Packing Tapes Barricade Tapes
Glow Tapes Gasket Tape
Aluminum Foil Tape Aluminum Foil Tape (Special Grade/ Without Liner)
Anti-Corrosive Pipe
Wrap Tape
Black Cotton
Friction Tape
Black/ White Waterproof Tape Barium Chromate Tape
Bitumen Coated Hessain Cloth Tape Circuit Board Tape
Double Sided Cloth Adhesive Tape (Paper/ Polyester liner) Water
Swellable Tape
Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape (Non Ozing Type)
Double Sided Fiber Glass Cloth Tape Eylet Tape
Foam Tape
Fiber Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape (B Class/ F Class)
Fiber Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape (H Class) Fiber Glass Siliconised Varnish Tape (F Class)
Fiber Glass Siliconised Varnish Tape (H Class) Fiber Glass Silicon Elastomer Coated Tape
Fiber Glass Lamination Adhesive Tape Filament
Foam Polyurethane Tape Foam EVA Tape
Foam Cross Link Polyethylene FRLT (Fire Retardant Low Insulation Tape)
Glass Mica
HDPE Woven
Sack Tape
Heat Sealing Tape (PVC) Kapton Adhesive Tape (H Class)
Masking Crape Paper Tape Nylon Adhesive Tape(Medium strength/Extra Strong)
Nylon Knitted Seam Adhesive Tape Nylon Non
Adhesive Tape
Non Waterproof Cloth Adhesive Tape Nomex Adhesive
Tape (H Class)
Polyester Electrical Insulation Tape (Asstcolor) Polyester Electrical Insulation White Adhesive Tape
Polyester Electrical Insulation Adhesive Tape (Thick) Polyester 1Mill
Splicing Tape
Polyester Based Silicon tape (H class) Paper Lamination Cotton Adhesive Tape
Paper Lamination Nylon Adhesive Tape Rayon Tape
(Pink & Black)
Rayon Tape
Rubber Coated
Cotton Tape
Sealant Tape
Room Temperature Polyester Adhesive Tape
Surface Protection Polyethylene Tape Surface Protection
PVC Tape
Semi Conducting Carbon & Graphite Tape Siliconised Double Sided Polyester Tape
Transparent Self Adhesive Polyester Tape Teflon Coated Fiber
Glass Tape
Adhesive Tape (TAT)
Teflon Adhesive Tape
Uniform Mica Tape Kapton Mica Lamination Waterproof Cloth Adhesive Tape
Heat Sealable Tape Construction Tapes